Born and raised in North Carolina, Sam Foster's musical roots are steeped in the the country and rock music on which he was raised. From a young age Sam was influenced by the country, rock 'n roll, bluegrass, and other "roots" music his parents/peers played. From the likes of Dwight Yoakam and Bruce Springsteen to Bill Monroe and beyond all of these artists had a lasting impact.

In 2014 he began performing around North Carolina with the help of his longtime mentor and friend James Vincent Carroll. With James' help, Sam recorded his debut release "Rough Edges (The First Cuts)" and released it in August 2015. "Rough Edges" is a collection of demos/home recordings made at James Vincent Carroll's home.

Not long after the release of "Rough Edges" Sam began working on his follow up release with Doug Davis of Flytrap Music Productions in Winston-Salem, NC. Consisting primarily of fresh, new material Sam's sophomore album "Hardened Hearts" was released March 2018.

After performing for several years as a solo act, Sam teamed up with Seth Williams to form the duo Whiskey Foxtrot in 2017. Since then they have grown into a full five-piece band and are working on a bank of their own original material with plans to record their first album in 2019.


Together they have been performing across North Carolina, while continuing to develop a following in the Southeastern U.S. They perform hundreds of shows per year across the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Either as a solo act or with Whiskey Foxtrot, Sam has shared the stage with national/regional touring acts such as Jonathan Byrd  & The Pickup Cowboy, American Aquarium, Ward Davis, The Way Down Wanderers, Sunny Sweeney, Caleb Caudle, Justin Wells, Corey Hunt Band, Corin Raymond, Preacher Stone, and more.

"Sam describes his musical style as Americana. His voice has a little growl, his dialect is distinctly southern..." - Beth Cassidy Davie County Enterprise Record

"...Sam Foster has a very retro evocative sound. With a mingle of Dylan/Springsteen meets modern day country, Foster is the type of artist that packs a subtle punch to your ear's senses." -

© 2019 by Sam Foster.

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