"Hardened hearts"

Released: March 19, 2018

Produced/Engineered by Doug Davis, Flytrap Music Production

Track Listing:​

1. Take Your Toys (S. Foster/W. Smith)

2. Lucy (S. Foster)

3. Miami Springs (S. Foster/J. Carroll)

4. Sleep Alone Tonight (J. Carroll/S. Foster)

5. Prodigal Son (S. Foster)

6. Drive You Away (S. Foster/D. Davis)

7. Hardened Hearts (S. Foster)

8. Roll With The Punches (S. Foster)

9. The Mask (S. Foster)


Released: August 7, 2015

Produced by: James Vincent Carroll/Sam Foster

"Rough Edges (The First Cuts)" is a collection of demo recordings of Sam Foster's original music. With the help of mentor and friend James Vincent Carroll, this album was recorded and produced in James' living room at the end of a dirt road.

Track Listing:

1. Roll With The Punches (S. Foster)

2. What You've Done (S. Foster)

3. Before They Lay Me Down (S. Foster)

4. Guiding Light (S. Foster)

5. Blue Moon and Blue Eyes (S. Foster)

6. Lonesome Highway Drives (S. Foster)

7. Evil Heart (S. Foster)

8. What You're Leaving Behind (S. Foster)

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